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  Plus now Legion Defense Solutions will even honor the hard work of past and   present police officers with                                                     


Webster defines a holster as “a case for carrying a firearm on the person.“ It’s that simple. It’s what we do. We build simple holsters at an affordable price, making sure your gun doesn’t fall on the ground when you run, jump, fight or bust out those sweet dance moves. 

We are minimalist by design.  If you have 20 pounds of lights, lasers and crap hanging on your rifle then odds are we aren’t your holster provider. Our holsters offer great retention and a smooth draw. We build one at a time, by hand, using tools we made. Our holsters are pressed, never vacuum formed. We use 100 percent American made materials. Average cost is around 40 bucks.



For your own handcrafted custom holster provide us with your weapon type, waist size, on which hip you carry, and IWB / OWB.




OWB Glock 19 in MultiCam